Get fully approved (Non Hosted) Adsense account for blogger in 10 days

To get Non Hosted Adsense account follow these steps

1. Create a Blog with blogger with your Gmail account if you don’t have Gmail account create a Gmail Account first. Create your blog with blogger click here 

2. Now Buy a domain name same as your blogspot blog like I prefer .Com domain you can buy .org, .net, .in etc. Buy your domain name here at Rs 99
3. Configure your custom domain for blogspot blog. If you don’t know, Read How to setup custom domain for blogger.

4. After setting up custom domain, now you have a complete blog or website in Blogger. Now Add content in your blog. I suggest 4 post daily and after a week 7×4 = 28 posts. 
Try to publish 30 post in these 7 days i.e You will have to publish 5 post in 2 days Then 5×4 + 2×5 = 30 Posts.
5. For getting Adsense in 10 days, one very important thing is topic or niche of your blog. I recommend you to choose educational topic like study material, professional courses, colleges etc. And buy a domain related to education.
6. After 7 days and 30 posts, apply for Adsense. You have 10% chance, that Your Adsense application will be approved in your first attempt. But generally Your application will be rejected due to insufficient content. Once rejected, wait for 3 days and post regularly. 4 post each day.
7. After 10 days and 40 posts, again resubmit your Adsense application. and within 2 days your application will be approved. If not again wait for  7 days but post regularly and again resubmit.
8. But 90% chance that your account will be approved and you would get an email that“Congratulation Your adsense Account is Approved and place your first ads code in your blog.”
9. Just create a ad from your Adsense dashboard and place this ad code to your blog’s HTML Gadget and save.

10. Within 48 hours You will get an email of full Adsense approval. Note one of my clients got full Adsense approval email after 7 days so be patience sometime it takes some more time.

If You got your first approval email like “Congratulation Your adsense Account is Approved and place your first ads code in your blog.” then be 100% sure that your account will be approved max. within a week.

One last thing I want to add Adsense is very strict to approve adsense account from 2017. And one more thing is very important to get approved adsense is Organic Traffic to your blog.