Free Keywords Research Tool for Website 2018

Free Keywords Research Tool for Website 2018

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There are lot of Keywords Reasearch Tools available on the internet and one of the best known tool is Google AdWords Keyword Research but for the beginners it is very tought to use the Google Adwords to find LongTail Keywords as it only gives search volume data for short keywords, So here comes an Alternative Tool. Your mind will change after reading this article. 

KWFINDER is the tool which I am talking about, this tool helped me to rank my website in google for some Longtail Keywords

Best Free Keywords Research Tool 2018


Best UI and easy to use

Helpful in finding Longtail Keywords

Gives Search Volume for Local Keywords

FAQs related to Keywords

SERP features


Head over to

Enter Any Keyword

Choose Country

Hit Search

Now you can see Keyword Volume and How difficult to rank for that keyword and mainly you can get SERP Top 5 Ranked Websites for your Keywords.

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