Time4Earn URL Shortener, Payment Proof? Legit or Not?

Time4Earn URL Shortener, Payment Proof? Legit or Not?

Hey, Whatsup guys how you all doing, in this post I am going to tell you about the URL SHORTENING website www.time4earn.com, so let's begin.Image result for time4earn

Time4Earn is  a website that shortens URL just like adf.ly or any other URL Shortener Service. This site pays only for Indians with PayTM, TEZ, PayPal etc. The minimum payout for this site $1.00, so anyone can withdraw their income whenever they reach a threshold of $1.00.

The minimum CPM or Cost per 1000 Impressions is $6 for any country in the world.
It means that when your SHORTENED URL gets 1000 clicks or impressions then you make around $6 or more.

To test this website whether legit or scam, I have created an account and shortened the URL and pasted those links on my YouTube Channel Videos, and I have made around $1 in two days.

On the day of 20 August I have withdrawn that money, and they haven't processed the payment even after one day, as they have said in their withdrawl conditions, that the user is not to contact regarding the payment until 4 business days, I have contacted them on the day of 25 August, The support was good, they have replied very fast( under 1hr) and they have said that their AdSense Payment hasn't recieved into their bank, so that I have to wait for more 2 days.

After two days I have mailed them again and they said that they will complete the payment of all users this evening and in the evening I have got the payment to my PayTM.

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