Google AdSense Payment in India - How to Transfer it to Bank!

Google AdSense Payment in India - How to Transfer it to Bank!

We all wonder how does AdSense works and when does it pays every user, so I think this is the time to find out How AdSense Pay in India. You might have made money in AdSense using Blogger or YouTube or AdMob, whatever the source is the threshold is $100 to transfer it to your bank account. Google AdSense Payment date is 21st of every month, generally we can see the money credited in our respective bank account but sometimes it takes long and not more than 10 days. So lets get to the thing we need.

When and How actually Google AdSense Pay in India.

As most of you know that AdSense Pay at 21st of every month. So what you should do before that is to make sure that you have a bank passbook with all the following details of your bank! 
First head over to the AdSense Payments section and click on add payment method
Now fill up all the following details:

Name on the Bank Account
Bank Name
Account Number
Intermediary Bank

NOTE:This is the only way you can add payment method if you are from India, only Wire Transfers are possible in india, AdSense won't pay you in any other form such as PayPal, Payoneer or UPI.

After adding all the required details in the AdSense Payment Section save all the details and wait for the 21st of the month, if your AdSense has reached the threshold that is $100 you will get paid in 3-5 business days, so this is all about the Google AdSense Payment In India and I think you have understood How to Transfer it to your Bank account!

If you have any doubts then feel free to comment down below, I'll make sure that you don't have any issues!