What Are Backlinks In SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)?

What Are Backlinks In SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)

What are Backlinks in SEO?
 Backlinks are the most important thing now days in off page SEO. You cannot get more traffic to your website using on page SEO. Even if you have best SEO on your website you cannot get more traffic on to your website when compared to other websites which has backlinks.

What Are Backlinks in SEO

What Are Backlinks?

Before we get to know What Are Backlinks, lets have a look at types of links we have on the internet!

Link Juice:

When a webpage has links to your website articles then it passes a link juice which helps you in the ranking of your website in search engines mainly in google search console!

No Follow Backlink:

If a website has a link for an article on your website then it might be a Do Follow or No Follow Backlink.

If a website gives you a No Follow Link that won't help you in anyway in ranking of your website.

No Follow Link can be created by adding rel="nofollow" in their <a href>  html tag.

Do Follow Backlink:

If a website has a link for an article without rel="nofollow" in their <a href> html tag, then you get a Do Follow Backlink
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What Are Backlinks Actually?

Backlinks are the links which are provided from other websites without the tag rel="nofollow" in their <a href> tag which is linking to one of the article or many number of articles on your website.

These Backlinks will help you in many ways in the off page SEO by ranking your website, if your website has more backlinks from best sites with High Domain Authority then there is a better chance to get ranked in the first page of Google for a particular search query!

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